Zone 11 Bowling Association Inc.

2023/24  Open Triples Draw  2024    Zone Triples entries

2023/24 – Senior Triples Draw (1)

2023/24 – Reserve Triples Draw

2022 – State Triples Draw    State Entries

2022 – Senior Triples Draw     Senior Entries

2022 – Open Reserve Triples Draw    Open Reserve Entries

2021 – State (Open) Triples Draw 2  Open Triples Entries

2021 – Senior Triples Draw 2   Senior Triples Entries

 2021 –  Presidents Reserve Triples Draw 2   Presidents Reserve Triples Entries

++ State Championship – Progressive Results – Semi Finals and Final Saturday 8th February – State Triples Progressive Results

++ Senior Championship – Congratulations to J. O’Keefe, W. Wright & R. Logan of Tuncurry Beach who won the 2020 title – Senior Triples Final Result

++ President’s Reserve Championship – Congratulations to J. Matthews, W. Hilton & R. Piper of Club West who won the 2020 title. – Presidents Reserve Triples Final Result

To the winners, the Zone wishes them the best of luck at Ettalong BC in the State Finals


Draw 2020 Open – State Triples Championship Draw  Zone State Entries Received

Draw 2020 Senior – Senior Triples Championship Draw  Zone Senior Entries Received

Draw 2020 Presidents Reserve – Presidents Reserve Triples Draw  Zone Pres Reserve Entries received

Final Zone Open Triples Result

Final Zone Senior Triples Result

Final Zone Presidents Reserve Triples Result

Progressive Open Triples Results

Progressive Senior Triples Results

Progressive Presidents Reserve Triples Results

Final Amended Open Triples Draw

Amended draw 2019 Open – Amended Open Triples Draw

Draw 2019 Open – Zone Open Triples Draw2019 Zone State Entries

Draw 2019 Seniors – Zone Senior Triples Draw2019 Zone Senior Entries

Draw 2019 Presidents Reserve – Zone Presidents Reserve Triples Draw2019 Zone Presidents Reserve Entries

Final Result 2018 – Forster Zone Triples Final Results

2018  Results – Zone Triples Progressive Results

Draw 2018 – Zone Triples Draw in Word

Final Results 2017 – Zone Triples Final Results

Results 2017 – Zone Triples Progressive Results

Draw 2017-Zone Triples Championship Draw

Draw 2016 – Refer Results Below

Results 2016 – Zone Triples Progressive Results

Results 2016 – Zone Triples Progressive Results 2

Final Results 2016 – Zone Triples Finals Results

Draw 2015 –Click Here

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