Zone 11 Bowling Association Inc.

The Zone Singles Finals in the Open, Senior and Presidents Reserve were completed yesterday and the results are as follows:

Open:  Semi-finals – Nathan Butler (TL) def Mark Higgins (Sporties) 31-9, Steve Harris (TB) def Ross Logan (TB) 31-26.

Final: Steve Harris def Nathan Butler 31-11.

Senior: Semi-finals – Rex Johnston (TB) def Peter Woolley (TL) 31-18, Kevin Robinson (TB) def Dave Crowe (TR) 31-19.

Final: Rex Johnston def Kevin Robinson 31-27.

Presidents Reserve: Semi finals – Ken Southern (BUL) def Dannie Curnow (TB) 31-16, Jared Small (TB) def Neville Brymer (TB) 31-13

Final: Jared Small def Ken Southern 31-23.

Good luck to all the winners in the State Finals.

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