Zone 11 Bowling Association Inc.

As District bowlers’ will be aware, the AGM of 24th August, 2015 saw the Resolutions passed unanimously to change the Manning District¬†Bowling Association Inc. to Zone 11 (Manning District) Bowling Association Incorporated – Zone alone after many, many years. The District Secretary has received the relevant confirmation of the change of name.

As from 1st January, 2016, the tyranny of distance will be gone with no Zone play offs for Pennants & Championships and we will be the masters of our destiny. The District Executive were pleased that the District Clubs’ saw the value of the change, comments since expressed being very favourable.

There will be no dramatic changes to personnel, just a change in the titles for those positions to which they were elected or appointed. The Executive welcomes all to the brave new world of Zone alone and it is to be hoped that the change in status will encourage membership, as well as availability for all Association Events. Remember, playing at a higher level in these Events will improve your playing ability.

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