The pennants season for 2015 is done and dusted for the year, with the completion of washed out games on Sunday. Tuncurry Beach had already secured the grade 1 and 2 flags, and looked like they could pick up another 4 flags in the 3, 4, 5 and 7 grade. But.. it all fell to pieces. With results going against them in the 3 grade and a catastrophic loss in the 4 grade and in the 7 grade the game that was to decide another grade Forster prevailed by a solitary shot to give them the 2015 flag. They still hold on to a chance in the 5’s but will most certainly meet heavy resistance from the Blackhead boys.

So the wash up is as follows.-

Grade 1- Tuncurry Beach

Grade 2- Tuncurry Beach

Grade 3- Sporties

Grade 4- Sporties

Grade 5- Sec1, Blackhead, Sec2, Tuncurry Beach

Grade 6- Sec1, Taree Leagues, Sec2, Blackhead

Grade 7- Forster

Final Results Click Here.

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