Zone 11 Bowling Association Inc.

Following the release of the Draw for the No.1 Pennants competition in the Northern Conference, changes to the Zone Pairs Championships have already had to be made and these have been advised to all Clubs.

Then, the draws for Grades 3 & 5 had to be re-vamped per the State Match Committee’s decision, plus the Grade 7 Draw had to be re-done following the withdrawal of a Side. There is also an Appeal in progress, waiting the decision of the State Match Committee – depending on what eventuates, will determine whether another two Grades are affected. Much of this information concerning the issue delay has been advised to All Clubs.

Thus the Final, Final, Final Draws are unable to be advised to the Clubs, as we are awaiting the SMC’s decision. The other Draws have been completed (Grade 7 will only be one Section). We all hope that a decision will reach the Zone Secretary early next week.

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