Zone 11 Bowling Association Inc.

The Zone Grade 2 to 7 Pennants Competitions started last Saturday, with only one result missing. I am confident that it will be forthcoming shortly. In the meantime, the other Results forĀ the GradesĀ are uploaded in the Pennant Results section.

The new format of the results Sheet will require a little more study as it is prepared to fall in line with the State Match Committee requirements, particularly as Rinks and Margins could play an important part in determining the winner of any Grade at the end of the respective Competition.

Regarding the No.1 Pennant Competition, the results each week can be accessed through the Bowls NSW Web Site, commencing with Match on the home page and following the prompts. As there have been a number of match deferments already, the ladder does not accurately reflect the position of the Clubs in the Northern Conference Sections 5 & 6.

A clearer picture may come to the fore after completion of Round 6 which is basically the half way mark.


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