Zone 11 Bowling Association Inc.

The finals of the Zone Triples Championships for 2023/24 were held at Tuncurry Beach Bowling Club and the spoils were shared amongst three different clubs.

Open: In what turned out to be a one-sided affair, the final was dominated by the team of Daniel Jessup, Steve Harris and Ashley Brymer (Tuncurry Beach), who defeated Robert Austin, Bradley Threadgate and Bob Hagan (Leagues), to the tune of 38-6.

Seniors: This was a thrilling game that came down to the very last bowl. The team of Mark Robinson, Mark Higgins and Bill Brett (Leagues) established and early lead over Jeff Moyes, Bob Taylor and Harry Williams (Forster) and looked like they may run away with it. The Forster team were not to be denied and gradually whittled away at the lead until with one end to play they trailed by 2 shots. Despite dropping 1 shot on the last end, the Leagues team held on for the narrowest of wins, 23-22.

Reserve:  Dean Maher, Chris Williams and Adam Durket (Forster), played Di Smith, Anton Mah and Jarred Small (Tuncurry Beach) in an entertaining final. The scores were close throughout, with the lead changing several times.  The Forster team trailed 9-10 on 14 ends, but then began to edge away to lead 18-12 after 21 ends. They then won the next 3 ends to wrap it all up at 23-14.