Zone 11 Bowling Association Inc.

In an extremely hard fought game that went into an extra end, Ian Hampson & Steve Mauger (Tuncurry Beach) defeated Allan Hughes and Gary Nelson (Forster) 14-13.

While the Tuncurry pair held an early lead, it was the Forster duo who held the lead for the majority of the match, even though there was not a huge margin at any time.

On end 14 Tuncurry led for the first time in 9 ends when they scored a 2 to lead 10-9.  After 3 more ends, and with 1 to play, Tuncurry still led by 1 at 13-12. This set up a scintillating finish, where Forster were holding 2 and game, with the skips having 1 bowl each to play. Steve Mauger played some weight, hitting the jack onto one of the shot bowls for it to bounce forward to a Tuncurry bowl and hold game. Gary Nelson then responded with his own superb bowl to move the jack for 1 shot and a tie at 13-13. Those two final bowls from the skips would not have been out of place in any company.

To the extra end. With Forster holding shot. Ian Hampson with his third bowl drew the shot. Despite the efforts of Allan & Gary that bowl remained for shot and Match to the Tuncurry Beach duo.

Congratulations to both teams on an excellent game in very trying conditions.

Ian Hampson & Steve Mauger
Reserve Pairs winners