Zone 11 Bowling Association Inc.

The final was between Graeme Brown,  Greg Fall, Glen McWhirter and Marty Brown (Sporties) and Phil Swalwell, Frank  Edwards, Steve Holohan and  Bill Hedges (Tuncurry Beach).

In what turned out to be an intriguing game Sporties jumped out to a 4-0 lead, but Tuncurry responded with a 4 to tie things up. Sporties then got away again to lead 11-6 after 12 ends. The Tuncurry team then came back, winning 4 ends in a row, and the scores were tied at 11-11, with just 2 ends to play. Sporties then scored  a 2 to lead going into the last. With just his last bowl to  play the Tuncurry skip was down at the head, and needed at least 2 shots, he played weight through some short bowls but could only make 1 shot. Sporties were our new champions with a 13-12 win.