Zone 11 Bowling Association Inc.

The finals of the Zone Open, Senior and Reserve Pairs have been played at Tuncurry Beach:

Open : The final was an all Forster affair with Keeden McGuire and Shannon White defeating Jason Morse and Kevin Robinson 19-7.

In the semi’s Kevin was too good for Neville and Ash Brymer (Tuncurry Beach) to the tune of 24-11 and Shannon defeated M Tull and Jason Cassidy 21-13.

Senior: The Od Bar pair of Marco Pendelj (sub for Harvey Phillips) and Daryl Webster were too good for Wayne Wright and Grant McKirdy (Tuncurry Beach) with the final score being 21-13.

In the semi’s Grant defeated club mates Noel James and Dave Richardson 20-19, and Daryl defeated John Barnard and Errol Ruprecht (Club West) 22-11.

Reserve: Greg Mayo and Robert Piper (Club West) were successful in the final against Shannon Mokaraka and Sayde Dunn (Tuncurry Beach) 17-14.

In the semi’s Robert defeated Dave Debono and Steve Holohan (Tuncurry Beach) on an extra end 23-22. The other semi was an all Tuncurry game with Sayde being too good for Phil Swalwell and Jason Swanson 17-15.

Congratulations to all of our Champions and good luck in the State Finals.