Zone 11 Bowling Association Inc.

This game featured two teams from Forster fighting out the final, with Jason Preston, Dominic Reilly, Marty Gosper and Shannon White up against Ben Quirke, Dean Jorgensen, Rod McMillan and Mick Pole.

Shannon shot out of the boxes with a massive 6 on the first end, and extended the lead to 10-2 after just 4 ends. Mick’s team then showed their metal, scoring 5,2,1  a 1. All of a sudden we had new leaders at 11-10.  A 4 to Shannon, a 2 to Mick, another 4 to Shannon, and a 3 to Mick saw Shannon with a 18-16 lead, which he then extended to 21-16. Mick did score another 1, but 5 singles in a row saw Shannon wrap this match up 26-17.